IR Remote Control for home appliances

  • IR range: 360 degrees laterally and above
    TV, Celling fan, Air conditioner  can be covered.
  • Support IR Learning function
    Learn your remote control with full customization.
  • Supported devices library is being updated automatically 
MightyRC Activity

Activity Control

Activity is a set of sequential commands to control your home appliances as a group. 

While you can use your smart phone to send commands, with one button you can also control multiple devices. 

For example, when you watch movies, no more fiddling with multiple remotes (such as TV, AV receiver, and set-top box). With Activity, simply one click to control several devices simultaneously!

Mighty UI

Full-size Control Panel

Not only be beautiful but also functional!

MightyRC provides a full version of the control interface, which finds a balance between the mobile user interface and the traditional remote control, so the operations can be optimized.

No longer need to switch between different screens in the APP, searching for buttons. Now you can operate quickly, simply, and intuitively.

Mighty HomeKit

Fully support Apple HomeKit

Work with Apple HomeKit.
Turn your IR home appliance into HomeKit compatible accessories.
Supports appliance power on/off and air conditioner temperature/mode adjustment. 

*MightyRC needs an Android based device to support Apple HomeKit Bridge service.

Mighty Voice

Work with Google Assistant

Fully integration of MightyRC and Google Home/Google Assistant provides the most flexible control capabilities.

You can use Google Home/Google Assistant to control

  • TV program switching channel
  • Air conditioning cool/heat temperature
  • Fan On/Off, Speed
  • Power outlet
  • Customized specific functions of home appliances (subwoofer of audio receiver, channel change of satellite box , etc…)
Mighty Automation

Dive into Google Home

Fully Supports Google Home. Power switch, lighting, air conditioning, and fans are all supported.

You can control various home appliances anytime – When you arrive or leave home, or by using the scheduling feature.   

For example, when you arrive home, in addition to turning on the lights, air conditioner, and TV, you can also change the TV channels to your favorite! 

Mighty Power

Power Outlet

Mighty Wave

Proximity Sensor

When cooking or dirty hands are inconvenient, you can also control various home appliances by using hand-waving above MightyRC, so you don’t have to worry about getting your phone or remote dirty.

Mighty Smart


For Home Automation, the synchronization of infrared home appliances states is challenge. 

By using MightyRC, the power states of home appliance, input source of TV/AV receivers can be synced between Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home. 

Don’t worry about turn the appliances ON/OFF base on incorrect power states for automation control. 

Mighty Integration

Integration Essentials

Support varied Home Automation platforms

  • Apple HomeKit
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Home Assistant (MQTT)
  • Android Automation App (Support Android intent)
Mighty Wireless

No Wire, No Cord

MightyRC is truly wireless, no power cord, no power adapter! 

It can be perfectly matched with home decoration. 

  • No Wire 
  • AA Battery x 4 
  • Battery life up to 10 months 


Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy

BLE 4.0

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Commands controlled by hand-waving
can be fully customized



360-degree range

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

Support Etekcity Remote Control Outlet and
other compatible devices



AA Battery x 4
Battery Life: 10 months



Diameter:7.8cm Height: 6.7cm