What iOS versions & devices does MightyRC support?

iPhones with iOS7 (4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, and above)
iPod Touch: (5th & & 6th generations and above)
iPads (3rd, 4th generations & Mini, and above)

What Android versions & devices MightyRC support?

Android version 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 LE

What range can MightyRC control?

The transmission range between smart device & MightyRC is 60 feet (20 meters). MightyRC can send Infrared signals in a range of 6-meters in all directions.

Can I control the device in the next room?

With Bluetooth 4.0 and your smart device, it depends on the signal strength. With infrared, our selected components are powerful enough to operate many appliances that are not in a line-of-sight to the MightyRC; but infrared cannot travel through a wall.

What batteries does the MightyRC use, and how long will the batteries last?

Four AA sized batteries. For typical daily usage, the battery should should last six months. Longer if you have periods of absence.

I have several phones and tablets in my household, can I use any of them to control the same MightyRC?

Yes, you can use several smart mobile devices to control the same MightyRC. But only one smart mobile devices can connect to one MightyRC at the same time.

Can MightyRC learn Infrared codes from any Infrared remote controller?


Any warranties?

Of course! We expect to maintain a reputable status and therefore we care about our customer’s satisfaction. We have a support team to handle all questions and problems, and provide one year warranty on all MightyRCs.