How to add air conditioner for Apple HomeKit & Google Home?

MightyRC copy the Infrared signal completely from air conditioner remote.
This tutorial will guide you how to create a MightyRC air conditioner device for your aircon conditioner (thermostat)

Choose the add device from device list, and then choose Add IR device



Choose Can’t find your device?



Choose Air Conditioner


Fill in the Name, Manufacture and Model in the blanks



In the learning temperatures screen, get ready to learn air conditioner remote.




Turn on the power of air conditioner remote, and change the temperature to “cool” 20 degree.


Start to learn the infrared signal from Cooler 20 degree



Point the remote to MightyRC change the “cool” temperature from 20 to 21 degrees. 



After learning Cooler 21 degree, start to learn Cooler 22 degree.



Continue to learn Cooler 22 degrees.



Point the air conditioner remote to MightyRC, change the “cool” temperature from 21 to 22 degrees. And so on…



After learning Cooler temperatures from 21 to 30 degrees. Start to learn Heater temperatures.


Change the temperature of heater to 20 degree. And start to learn  the infrared signal of 21 degrees by increasing temperature. And step by step to learn all the heater temperature from 21 to 30 degrees.




In the end. Learning the power on/off of air conditioner separately by turning the power of remote from off to on/on to off.



After complete the learning process, you can use Apple HomeKit/Google Home app to add air conditioner of MightyRC.

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