the introduction of MightyRC connection modes

MightyRC Android App works as master service to various services

  • Apple HomeKit
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Home Assistant/MQTT
  • eWeLink Service

All these services are integrated with MightyRC App. In the future, the function can be upgraded or added by MightyRC App, and users will not be forced to purchase new hardware for new functions.

If you want to build a flexible home automation environment, we will recommend users to use an Android tablet or mobile phone (5.1 and above are recommended), Android based Smart TV/TV Box (with Bluetooth Low Energy, Google Play Store) or Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Using these device to connect to MightyRC’s hardware. Once such an environment is built, MightyRC master service will be the most powerful home appliance control center on the market.



Support Multiple Connection Modes


  • MightyRC Master mode (Android only)


  1. Use an Android Device
  2. Using  MightyRC App to connect to  MightyRC hardware

Enter the setting screen of App, enable the service you want (Apple HomeKit bridge, MQTT, eWeLink  service)

Using MightyRC Master mode,  turns MightyRC App into a Smart Home Gateway which can control

  1. Infrared devices
  2. RF Etekcity Power outlet
  3. eWeLink SONOFF Power outlet

and integrate with

  1. Apple HomeKit
  2. Google Home
  3. Amazon Alexa
  4. Home Assistant/MQTT



  • MightyRC Slave Mode (Android, iOS)


If there is one MightyRC App is in Master mode in the same Wi-Fi network. other mobile devices (iOS or Android) can be connected to the MightyRC master is Slave mode (with a mobile phone icon or prefix “Remote:”). Once connected,  these phones are running in slave mode , the communicate commands between MightyRC master and slave are through Wi-Fi, and the operations of MightyRC App in slave mode is almost exactly the same as the MightyRC App in master mode.



  • MightyRC Independent mode (Android, iOS)


Android or iOS device is capable to control  MightyRC hardware by using Bluetooth.

Support devices

  1. Infrared devices
  2. RF Etekcity Power outlet
  3. eWeLink SONOFF Power outlet


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