How to FIX issues between MightyRC HomeKit Bridge and Apple HomeKit

If you encounter following problems when add MightyRC HomeKit Bridge as Apple HomeKit Accessory

  • Can not find MightyRC Bridge in Apple HomeKit App
  • The accessories of MightyRC you added in Apple HomeKit App

1. First of all, you need to make sure the power management related configuration of MightyRC App on Android is correct

  • Make sure MightyRC Android device connect to USB power cable.
  • Check the battery usage setting of MightyRC Android App. Set the battery usage to “Unrestricted


  • If you still encounter not response issue after previous steps. Please enable Android Developer options and enable “Stay awake” option.

2. Make sure the setting of MightyRC HomeKit Bridge is correct

Before verify the setting of MightyRC HomeKit bridge, make sure you following proper procedure to add MightyRC HomeKit Bridge to Apple HomeKit?

If so, you may check the Optimization. And also make sure the Bridge statues is On!


3. WiFi configuration

  • Make sure Android and  iOS devices are all use same WiFi frequency  (either  5G or 2.4G)


If you following above procedure, and also “REBOOT” your Android device. The issue is still there

Download free tool to analyze the problem

Please download the  “Service Browser” App from Google Play on your Android device.

Make sure  _hap._tcp.  and  MightyRC Bridge are shown!



Please download the “Discovery – DNS- SD Browseer” App from Apple App Store on your iOS device. Make sure  _hap._tcp.  and  MightyRC Bridge are also shown.



Situation 1

If you can find MightyRC Bridge on Android device but none is shown on iOS

1. Please confirm you Android & iOS devices are in the same local network segment.

2. Is your router capable to handle mDNS  (multicast)properly?

Situation 2

If you can see MightyRC Bridge on  Android and iOS  devices, but still can’t find MightyRC Bridge through iOS HomeApp

Make sure  MightyRC Bridge sf  is 1

If sf is 0 , it imply MightyRC Bridge has been added by Apple HomeKit App. You can use Apple Home App to remove MightyRC Bridge (If you can find on Apple HomeKit App) , or press “Reset Pair Info” of MightyRC App Setting. And then using Apple Home App to add new accessory again.

Note:sf may not be changed in realtime. You may disconnect the network (WiFi) from your device and rescan again to make sure the sf is updated.

Situation 3

If you can not find MightyRC Bridge on Android device, please make sure the status of HomeKit Bridge in MightyRC App Setting is ON. if Not, restart the MightyRC HomeKit Bridge service again.


To verify the problem from different perspective, you can download similar tool  zeroconfServiceBrowser on Windows to observe the existence of MightyRC  Bridge.

You also can find similar utility Discovery – DNS- SD Browseer on MacOS App Store to verify this issue.

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